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Girl and Guest Friendly Hotels

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Great hotel rooms with guest friendly policies.

Check current room rates for girl friendly hotels.

Browse hundreds of girl friendly hotels in Thailand (Pattaya, Phuket - Patong, Bangkok, ..) and in the Philippines (Manila, Cebu, Angeles City, ..), Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Dubai and Dominican Republic which are confirmed to be girl friendly hotels. Freejoiner is in contact with hotel employees to ensure up-to-date information in our hotel database.  We have the biggest list of guest friendly hotels Bangkok and guest friendly hotels Pattaya for example.

Why do I need a guest friendly hotel?
When you are traveling as single / solo man you probably want to meet ladies or ladyboys and spend some sexy time with them. In Countries like Thailand or the Philippines its easy to meet girls. But often when you want to go with them to your hotel room, it may happen that the receptionist telles you that guests are not allowed or that you have to pay a high fee! That's why it is really important that you are booking a guest friendly hotel! Guest friendly hotels are also know as: Girl friendly hotel, lady friendly hotel, ladyboy friendly hotel, massage girl friendly hotel or joiner fee friendly hotel. This means that you don't have to pay a joiner fee in the hotel. 
We are certified Agoda booking partner, which means that all the bookings are made thru Agoda and freejoiner.com will not show up on your credit card. 

Become part of the community.
You are an experienced guest friendly hotel visitor? Help us by sharing your experience with the hotels, so that we can offer more great hotels to our guests. At the moment we are focusing on guest friendly hotels in Thailand and the Philippines, but more counties will follow. 

Have fun.
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