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Guest Friendly Hotels in Subic Zambales / Girl Friendly Hotels in Subic Zambales

Selection of Subic Zambales guest friendly hotels & Subic Zambales girl friendly hotels perfect for:
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Nightlife & Filipina Girls in Subic

Subic is a secret hint. The prices here a less high than in Angeles City and the ladies are more authentic and less “business orientated”. Another advantage is the beach!
Also the hotels here are less expensive than in Angeles.

The most nightlife spots are located in Barrio Barretto, that's the name of a small town.
Still it's a small place, there are around 25 Beer bars or Bikini bars. 

Prices in Beer / Girly Bars in Subic:

Beer: 80-100 Pesos
Lady drink: 150-250 Pesos
Bar fine: 2000 Pesos (incl. “tip” for the lady)

If you want to convert the Short Time (included in Bar fine) to a Long Time than you have to invest 500 Pesos more. Please be aware that in Subic the most of the hotels do not allow to bring guests to your room! Please book a girl friendly hotel! You can find them here on this page, the most of them are located in Barrio Barretto, the main spot of nightlife!

Night clubs in Subic:
The main clubs in Subic are the Nocturnal Disco und Club V.

The entrance of the clubs costs around 100 Pesos and includes 1 free drink.

Prices in Subic:

Beer: 100 Pesos
Long drinks: 150 Pesos
Freelancer: 1000-2000 Pesos

Massages in Subic

The prices for normal Oil or Swedish massages are around 350-500 Pesos.In Subic it is hard to find happy ending massages. It's up to the girl, but mostly she won’t. In case she would normal prices are around 500 Pesos.

One exception is the nuru spa calles Serenity, they are offering full body nuru massages with happy end.

Freelancers in Subic

There are not much of freelancers in the streets in Subic! The best place to find them are in one of the night clubs. Prices are around 1500 Pesos for a short time. 
Ladyboys in Subic:

We are sorry if you are interested in Ladyboys, but in Subic there are not much. There is only one Ladyboy bar in Subic and that's the Count Nikolas.

But by accident you can bump into one Ladyboy in one of the night clubs without knowing it ;)

What are these hotels?

Are you looking for a hotel in Subic Zambales to bring your guest or lady back to your room?
Guest friendly hotels Subic Zambales: Freejoiner only lists hotels in Subic Zambales that are confirmed to be joiner-friendly also called Girl friendly hotels. A hotel that is joiner-friendly allows you to take one or multiple guests to your room for free or either a small charge.

If you met somebody after a long night out, you don't want to be surprised by unexpected room charges because you took somebody to your room, always book one of our girl friendly hotels in Subic Zambales which are also called guest friendly hotels in Subic Zambales.
Prevent unwanted surprises and make sure your hotel is joiner-friendly.

You can browse hundreds of hotels on Freejoiner and see their joiner rules by clicking on the "Guest Policy" tab. Most of this hotels allow you to bring joiner guests your room, for example, bar girls, freelancers, massage ladies, ladyboys & go-go girls 
Only book guest friendly hotels in Subic Zambales, girl friendly hotels in Subic Zambales or joiner friendly hotels in Subic Zambales.

You should know..

The person you are taking with you in your room must deposit their ID at the front desk or reception of the hotel. All guests must register with the hotel if they stay overnight; this is the law in many countries, but also for your own and the guests' safety.

The majority of hotels enforce a minimum joiner age of 20 or older.

Guests that drunk way too much are also often refused to be taken to your room, for their own safety.

You should always book guest friendly hotels in Subic Zambales for two persons, even if you check in alone.