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Nightlife & Thai Girls in Phuket / Patong

When you plan to go to Phuket for some nightlife and girl adventures, you have to go to Patong. Patong is the center of the nightlife of Phuket. In Patong, the most bars and nightlife is around the Bangla road. It's similar to Walking Street in Pattaya. Two other nightlife areas in Phuket can be found in Kata Beach, and one near Karon Beach. 
Most of the hotels in Phuket aren’t guest friendly hotels. Most of them don’t allow you to bring guests to the room or they charge a joiner fee. Please make sure you are booking a guest friendly hotel (you find a list of girl friendly hotels here on the site.) 
Patong is a great place for single men.

Bars and Bar Girls in Patong / Phuket

There are a lot of beer bars in Patong, with sexy Thai girls. 
Beer bar prices in Patong are fair. You are paying for a beer 80-100 baht, long drink 150-250 baht, a lady drink costs you 200 baht, and a pool game is around 20 baht. For the bar fine, if you decide to take a girl with you, it's about 500-700 baht, and 1000-1500 baht for a short time and 2000-3000 baht for a long time.

Here is a list of places where you can find them:
Bangla Road / Prachanukhro Road / Patong Beer Bar Building

GoGo bars in Patong / Phuket

There are a lot of go-go bars in Patong, where you usually don’t pay any entrance, on only one drink at the door. Those places have some sexy dancers who are often more beautiful than the girls in the beer bars.
Prices in Go-Go bars are a bit more expensive than in Beer Bars, but you also have more to watch ;). Beer is 100-1500 baht, Longdrink 200-300 baht, Ladydrink 250 baht. The bar fine is between 800-1200 baht and the tip for the short time 1000-1500 baht and for long time 2000-3000 baht. 

Here some of the best Go-Go clubs in Patong:
Suzy Wong’s A Go Go / Devil’s Playground A Go Go / Harem A Go Go / Crazy Horse Circus

Nightclubs in Patong / Phuket

The most nightclubs are located on Bangla Road. In the most nightclub, you can meet local Thai girls but also freelancers who are offering their services here. There is no bar fine to pay here. 
Here some of the most famous nightclubs in Patong:
Banana Disco / Tai Pan Night Club / Illuzion Discoteque / Tiger Live Band

Massage parlors in Patong / Phuket

There are plenty of massage parlors in Patong. The price for a Thai massage is around 200 baht, and an oil massage is around 300 baht. Most of the smaller massage shops are also offering happy end massage, well not the shops itself but the girls who are making the massage. At some point, she will make you understand that she will do more for a tip. A fair price for the tip is 300-500 baht for Handjob, 600-800 baht for Blowjob and 800-1200 baht for Sex. But mostly the both last is not always offered. If she does not offer you sex, you can always try to ask her for her number or line ID. Some of them will agree to come later to your guest friendly hotel.

Freelancer in Patong / Phuket

You can save some money by not paying for the bar fines if you go and meet some freelancer girl. You can find them at the Patong beach, and at the end of Bangla Road.
Fair prices are 700-1200 baht for short time. You always should negotiate. Please make sure you booked a freelancer-friendly hotel in Patong, as most hotels will charge you an extra fee for your guest to join you. You will find the list of hotels above.

Ladyboys in Patong / Phuket

Patong is the second biggest nightlife spot in Thailand after Pattaya, so it's entirely reasonable that there are also a lot of ladyboys in Phuket. Most of them are working as bar girls, in massage salons or as a freelancer. Please make sure you are booking a ladyboy friendly hotel in Patong, as most hotels have no joiner friendly policy. There are also some Ladyboy Escorts in Phuket, you can find them by googling around, but again your hotel has to be guest friendly so its automatically even a ladyboy friendly hotel in Patong.

A hotspot for ladyboy bars is in Patong, in the streets called Soi Freedom and Soi Sea Dragon; both are sidestreets of Bangla Road.

What are these hotels?

Are you looking for a hotel in Phuket - Patong to bring your guest or lady back to your room?
Guest friendly hotels Phuket - Patong: Freejoiner only lists hotels in Phuket - Patong that are confirmed to be joiner-friendly also called Girl friendly hotels. A hotel that is joiner-friendly allows you to take one or multiple guests to your room for free or either a small charge.

If you met somebody after a long night out, you don't want to be surprised by unexpected room charges because you took somebody to your room, always book one of our girl friendly hotels in Phuket - Patong which are also called guest friendly hotels in Phuket - Patong.
Prevent unwanted surprises and make sure your hotel is joiner-friendly.

You can browse hundreds of hotels on Freejoiner and see their joiner rules by clicking on the "Guest Policy" tab. Most of this hotels allow you to bring joiner guests your room, for example, bar girls, freelancers, massage ladies, ladyboys & go-go girls 
Only book guest friendly hotels in Phuket - Patong, girl friendly hotels in Phuket - Patong or joiner friendly hotels in Phuket - Patong.

You should know..

The person you are taking with you in your room must deposit their ID at the front desk or reception of the hotel. All guests must register with the hotel if they stay overnight; this is the law in many countries, but also for your own and the guests' safety.

The majority of hotels enforce a minimum joiner age of 20 or older.

Guests that drunk way too much are also often refused to be taken to your room, for their own safety.

You should always book guest friendly hotels in Phuket - Patong for two persons, even if you check in alone.