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When to visit the Philippines?

Philippines are known for their typhoons, that's why you should avoid traveling during these months.

There are two main seasons, the wet and the dry season.
The dry season is a good time to visit the Philippines and go to places like Manila, Cebu, Angeles City, Subic, Puerto Galera or Boracay Island. The temperature in the dry season is usually around a comfortable 28-35°C.
The best period to visit the Philippines is from December to May.

Girls in the Philippines

The main tourist regions that are guest friendly & girl friendly are Manila, Cebu, Angeles City, Subic, Puerto galera and Boracay Island.
There are a lot of bar girls also called girly bar girls in those named places. The girls are really hot, fun and open minded.
Philippines girls are shy at the beginning but when they get warm with you you will be surprised how lovely and touchy that will get towards you.
Unlike Thai girls or girls from other Southeast Asian countries, they are often able to speak English very well, considering over 92% of the population can speak English as their second language.
In the main tourist regions the girls are available for long time (LT), short time (ST) and more lifelong (marriage), in case you would fall in love ;-)

Sex in the Philippines

You can meet a lot of girls like bar girls, bikini girls, freelancers in the red lights districts of the Philippines.
Be advised however, do not have any kind of sexual activity or do intimate things in public. The rules in the Philippines are much more strict than in Thailand. If you want to have fun with a lady or lady girl bring her to your guest & girl friendly hotel. Here on our website you find all the hotels with no joiner fees.

Hotels are a bit more expensive than in Thailand, but the money you have to spend more you will save it on other things.
Please make sure you are booking a lady joiner friendly hotel. Check our listings and find the best hotel for your needs. In the Philippines there are less guest friendly hotels than in Thailand. Use our search to find the best hotel for you!

Bikini Bars:
The bar fine price is between 3000-5000 pesos, all included (short and long time). The prices may vary with the girl’s mood. When a girl likes you the price goes lower. So always smile and make her feel comfortable. Bikini Bars can be found all over the cities in the red light districts.
Night clubs:
The most nightclubs don’t charge an entrance fee, except the more popular ones, they will charge 200-300 pesos. Beer and softdrinks are around 100 pesos, longdrinks and cocktails will start at 150 pesos. If you will meet a nice girl and you would like to take her to you room, please make sure you booked a guest friendly hotel. Otherwise there is a risk that the hotel doesn’t allow you to bring her to you room or you have to pay a fee.

Freelancer girls:
Freelancers will start normally offering you their services for 2000 pesos, but if you are good in negotiating you can get down to 1000 pesos. Now it's the right moment to go with your date to your girl and freelancer friendly hotel. Note that if your hotel is not joiner friendly they may charge you a high fee or will even not allow you to bring your guest to the room.
That's why we highly recommend to book a guest friendly hotel. Freejoiner has collected a list of hotels in the Philippines that are joiner friendly, just click around and find a hotel in your budget.
Massage Parlors:
There are many massage studios around with nice massage girls.
If you feel more about enjoying your massage at your hotel or room, you can always ask if she is willing to come later to your massage girl friendly hotel.
Prices start about 300 pesos. It’s always a good idea to negotiate.
In the Philippines the massage business is different than in Thailand.
In Thailand the girls are waiting outside for customers and are shouting loudly to make you come inside. In Philippines this is different, you have to go inside and ask the girl at the desk for the prices and the services. You will then go to a room and the reception desk girl will you present you all the available girls. Now it’s your turn you have to choose the one you like more. The girls are offering normal massages but also so called happy end massages (handjob). Some of them offer also prostate massages, some of them a famous for that!
You will also meet ladyboys in the Philippines, but less than in Thailand. The majority of Ladyboys are nice, however a lot of people are reporting that Ladyboys in the Philippines are too clingy and quickly become aggressive.

Minimum legal age
When you meet a girl and you want to bring her to your fancy guest friendly hotel please be aware that the guest, girl or ladyboy must have the minimum age of 18 year!
When you get trapped with a younger girl there is a risk that you have to go to jail. It’s always a good idea to ask your new girlfriend for her ID and check the age, even if you are sure she is over 18.
Like in the most asian countries, drugs are serious subject in the Philippines, where the Philippines are ruthless with drug users and drug sellers. Don’t try to buy or take any drugs. You will end up in jail, no questions asked.

Corruption / Bribe
If the police stops you and accuses you to have done something wrong, 
don’t start to argue just pay the small fee. Don’t go looking out for trouble with the police in the Philippines. Do what you are asked to do and move on.

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