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Nightlife & Balinese Girls in Bali

Bali is an amazing island, and so much different as Thailand or the Philippines.

Kuta is the noisiest place in Bali. But probably also the less expensive one.
Here you will find some bars and clubs, all located in one street, "legian street".

  • Bounty Discotheque: Club with a lot of local people, some prostitutes and a small dancefloor. (free entrance)
  • Paddy's Pub: Next to Bounty you will find Paddys Pub. More tourists and expats than in Bounty. Just little prostitutes. (free entrance)
  • Engine Room Discotheque: Engine Room has 3 or even 4 rooms/dance floors. Music for every taste. (free entrance)
  • Sky Garden: Sky Garden is the biggest and best Club in Kuta. The negative point is the high entrance price. (150.000 -250.000 IDR). Nice local girls and around 25% freelancers.
Seminyak is a bit like a hipster spot. Not so noisy and different kind of tourists. Seminyak is a little bit more expensive than Kuta.
Most people meet here for sunset at the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset in one of the multiple beach bars.

  • Motel Mexicola: This place is a restaurant which transforms into a club at around 10.30 pm. Nice international music. 90% of the people here are tourists or expats. Only a few local girls and rather no change to find here some freelance girls.
  • La favela: Like Mexicola, this is an expensive restaurant first and turns also into a club at around 10.30 pm. More local people and also some freelancer girls.
In Denpasar, you will find mostly local people. Here are fewer tourists and the prices are quite low. 

Ubud, is the chill region, here you will find nearly no nightlife, all the yoga people go to Ubud region to chill and relax.

Massage parlours in Bali

You will find a lot of massage parlours and spa's in Bali. Prices for an Indonesian full body massage are around 100.000 IDR. (no plus service).
There are only a few massage studios where you can find girls offering you a happy ending massage. Happy end massages are also called plus plus service! The biggest chance you have to find a plus plus massage, is to work in the evening in Kuta area. Here you will find young girls with flyers which aren't directly in front of a massage parlour. Those girls will offer you plus plus massages or sexy massages. Those massage parlours are mostly in some small streets and the parlours aren't the most beautiful. The ladies mostly are asking 1 Million IDR for an plus plus massage. You can negotiate up to 50% discount.

Freelancer / prostitutes in Bali

Due to the fact that prostitution is illegal in Indonesia, girls are more hiding their business as in Thailand for example. You can meet freelancer girls in clubs or on tinder. The girls mostly are asking 1 - 2 Million IDR. You can negotiate a discount. But it's really hard to find someone who offers you a better price then 600.000 IDR.
The girls will mostly tell you that they don't look for love but for money, they will not get more into the details. You have to understand the message and offer them to help them with money...

Dating in Bali

A lot of Indonesian girls are coming to Bali to live a more open life. The most Indonesian islands are Muslim and Bali is Hindu. Therefore the girls are coming to Bali to live a life in peace without being under the control of there families or boyfriends.
Some girls are hoping to find a future husband which will bring them to a more richer country. But they are also realistic and know that the chance is low, so they are already ok to have a boyfriend of time which takes care of them during their stays. 

What are these hotels?

Are you looking for a hotel in Bali to bring your guest or lady back to your room?
Guest friendly hotels Bali: Freejoiner only lists hotels in Bali that are confirmed to be joiner-friendly also called Girl friendly hotels. A hotel that is joiner-friendly allows you to take one or multiple guests to your room for free or either a small charge.

If you met somebody after a long night out, you don't want to be surprised by unexpected room charges because you took somebody to your room, always book one of our girl friendly hotels in Bali which are also called guest friendly hotels in Bali.
Prevent unwanted surprises and make sure your hotel is joiner-friendly.

You can browse hundreds of hotels on Freejoiner and see their joiner rules by clicking on the "Guest Policy" tab. Most of this hotels allow you to bring joiner guests your room, for example, bar girls, freelancers, massage ladies, ladyboys & go-go girls 
Only book guest friendly hotels in Bali, girl friendly hotels in Bali or joiner friendly hotels in Bali.

You should know..

The person you are taking with you in your room must deposit their ID at the front desk or reception of the hotel. All guests must register with the hotel if they stay overnight; this is the law in many countries, but also for your own and the guests' safety.

The majority of hotels enforce a minimum joiner age of 20 or older.

Guests that drunk way too much are also often refused to be taken to your room, for their own safety.

You should always book guest friendly hotels in Bali for two persons, even if you check in alone.