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Girl and Guest Friendly Hotels in Pattaya

Here's a selection of Girls & Guest friendly hotels in Pattaya, Thailand confirmed to be joiner-friendly.

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Nightlife & Thai Girls in Pattaya

Pattaya is the center of nightlife for single men in Thailand. The city where dreams come true, the city where every man will have fun. There is always something going on in Pattaya. You will find a staggering amount of massage parlors in Pattaya, beer bars, go-go bars, discos, and nightclubs. 

The most famous place for Pattaya's party nightlife is the so-called Walking Street, if you are more into beer bars you will find what you are looking for on Soi 6 and LK Metro. As a single man wandering around Pattaya you will quickly gain the attention of many Thai ladies. Enjoy your time as many people do: A daily massage keeps the stress away. ;-)

If you are headed to Pattaya, staying in a guest friendly hotel is a must. Chances are high you are going to bring somebody up your hotel room; whether a bar-girl or ladyboy; many hotels try to charge you an extra fee for this additional joiner in your hotel room. To avoid this, make sure your hotel is joiner friendly. Scroll up and search hotels on this website; we only list guest friendly hotels where you can take a guest up to your room.

Bars and Beer Bars in Pattaya

There are so many beer bars in Pattaya. If it's your first time, it's quite simple you go to a beer bar, sit, and order a drink. The ladys will try to get with you into a conversation or try to play games with you. After some time they ask you for a lady drink, which is a bit more expensive than an normal drink, she will get a commission on it. When both of you like each other she offers you, or you can ask her, to go to your room. You have to pay a bar fine, they are around 500 baht. This money is for the bar to let the girl go with you. On top of that the girl wants to have a “tip”. Mosty you are paying around 1000 baht for a Short Time (1-2h) and 2000 baht for a Long Time (the whole night). Here are some areas with a lot of beer bars: Walking Street, Soi 7, Soi 6, Soi Buakhao, and Naklua if you are German.

GoGo bars in Pattaya

Prices in Gogo bars a a bit more expensive than in beer bars, here you can get a beer for 120 baht, longdrink 300 baht, lady drink 350 baht and the barfine, to take the lady with you around 1200 baht. If you decided to go home with a lady to your guest friendly hotel in pattaya, have fun :) Here a list of some famous gogo places: Baccara Pattaya, Airport Club, Happy A Go Go.

Nightclubs in Pattaya

Nightclubs are a great place to go after you have been to a beer bar. Here you have great music, you can dance all the night long and you can meet girls. Normal girls but also freelancers. The prices in the nightclubs are similar to GoGo Bars prices. Here you will for sure meet someone that will help you to not fall asleep alone in your guest friendly pattaya hotel. Here a list of some famous places: Club Insomnia, Walking Street Club, The Pier, Mixx Discotheque.

Massage parlors Pattaya

There are even more massage parlors in Pattaya than bars probably! You will find the massage parlors everywhere. Prices are about 150 baht for foot massage, 200 baht for thai massage, 300 baht for oil massage. On top of that some of the salons or girls they offer you a special massage, a happy ending or also called happy end massage. You mostly can choose between a handjob for 500 baht, a blowjob for 800 baht or sex for 1000 baht. Sometimes you can ask the girl if she is willing to come to your hotel later for a second massage which is more intimate. Only make sure you have a massage girl friendly hotel in Pattaya. All guest friendly hotels are also massage girl friendly. Good places for happy ending massages are: Second Road, Soi Buakhao, Walking Street, Soi 13/2, Soi 6

Freelancer in Pattaya

There are some “normal” girls which are also working sometimes as freelancer, most of them you will find in the night clubs. Like this its not so obvious for their colleagues if someone would see her. Those who don’t care or which have no other job than will mostly be at the beach road, the main place where you can find freelancer. A fair price is around 1000 baht for Short Time and 2000 for Long Time. If you have a freelancer friendly hotel in pattaya (above in the listing you find them) there is no risk for you and you can bring them to your room.

Ladyboys in Pattaya

You will find ladyboys everywhere in Pattaya, in every “normal” beer bar or gogo bar there will be some ladyboys. But It you want to be sure that you will meet 100% only ladyboys, well than e good places for short time bars are: Soi 6/1, Soi 13/4 and some Ladyboy massage parlors you can find in Soi 13/1. It's important that you are booking a ladyboy friendly hotel in pattaya!

What are these hotels?

Guest friendly hotels Pattaya: Freejoiner only lists hotels in Pattaya that are confirmed to be joiner-friendly also called Girl friendly hotels. A hotel that is joiner-friendly allows you to take one or multiple guests to your room for free or either a small charge.

If you met somebody after a long night out, you don't want to be surprised by sudden room charges because you took somebody to your room, always book one of our girl friendly hotels in Pattaya which are also called guest friendly hotels in Pattaya.
Prevent unwanted surprises and make sure your hotel is joiner-friendly.

You can browse hundreds of hotels on Freejoiner and see their individual joiner rules by clicking on the "Guest Policy" tab. Most of this hotels allow you to bring joiner guests your room, for example, bar girls, freelancers, massage ladies, ladyboys & go-go girls 
Only book guest friendly hotels in Pattaya, girl friendly hotels in Pattaya or joiner friendly hotels in Pattaya.

You should know..

The person you are taking with you in your room must deposit their ID at the front desk or reception of the hotel. All guests must register with the hotel if they stay overnight. This is the law in many countries, but also for your own and the guests' safety.

The majority of hotels enforce a minimum joiner age of 20 or older.

Guests that drunk way too much are also often refused to be taken to your room, for their own safety.

You should always book guest friendly hotels in Pattaya for 2 persons, even if you check in alone.
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