When the consumption of alcohol is forbidden..

No alcohol days in Thailand

Did you know that during five different days throughout the year, alcohol is banned in Thailand? Alcohol cannot be sold or consumed during these days. You should respect this law - because if you don't, you may face a fine.

Obviously alcohol plays a big role in cities like Pattaya and Phuket (Patong).  Many bars remain open during these days - however they only serve food and soft drinks such as orange juice and water. You should expect many bars and discos to remain closed during these days.

What to expect during days where alcohol is banned?

I have spent time in Pattaya during days like these and even went to Walking Street to see what's going on. Unsurprisingly most of the bars and discos were closed - employees were standing outside just waiting for midnight to come around. Most of the disco's and bars opened up at midnight when the alcohol ban is lifted; the show goes on as usual, you will be able to buy alcohol and the clubs remained open all night.

But don't worry, during the remaining 361 days of the year you are allowed to drink alcohol if you wish.

At what dates does the alcohol ban take place?

The date on which the alcohol ban takes place may vary,  which is why I am not going to listen exact dates here.

There is one day in either February or March, one day in May, usually two days in July and one more day in October.

You can tell that the high tourist season is not really affected by this.

Alternative things to do during the day or at night

I'm sure everyone of us can survive a day or two without alcohol. Obviously there are many other things to do in Thailand other than drinking alcohol and partying.

You can go watch a movie at the cinema or just stroll around a shopping mall. Playing pool is always a fun activity, don't worry you can find enough bars that are open where you can play in peace. Go discover some new restaurants and make sure you eat all of that tasty local Thai food.

Published on 04.11.2018 at 09:28 by Sam Peters