Baan Laimai Beach Resort Guest Friendly & Girl Friendly

 Phuket, Thailand

Freejoiner has verified with Baan Laimai Beach Resort which confirmed they are guest-friendly. Information below is based on the communication with the hotel.

The maximum amount of guests that can stay for free in your room: 0
Maximum amount of guests that can stay in your room: 1
If you bring more than 0 guests to your room, you will be charged 1000 THB per additional guest.

You can bring bar-girls, freelancers or ladyboys with you into your hotel room at Baan Laimai Beach Resort.

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Important note:

If you are traveling to Phuket as a single man, make sure you are reserving a room at a hotel that is a guest friendly hotel, also known as joiner friendly hotel. These hotels allow you take somebody up your room without an additional fee.

Click on the "Joiner-Policy" tab to find out the joiner policy of Baan Laimai Beach Resort.

Freejoiner has listed a large variety of hotels in Phuket that allow you to take a guest for free to your room.

Please always book a room for 2 adults, even if you check-in alone.

If you meet a girl at a go-go bar, beer bar or at a disco in Phuket, you can be sure you can bring them to your room at no additional charge.

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