Get ready for your trip to Pattaya

How to prepare your trip to Pattaya

If you are looking forward to travel to Pattaya you are most likely a solo male traveler. Chances are high you would like to have some fun with thai girls. Whether you are looking for some short time fun during your holiday or you are hoping to find more than that... Here are some tips and things you should do before you head over to Pattaya.

Book a hotel 

When booking a hotel in Pattaya it is important that you brought a guest friendly hotel which is often referred to as girl friendly hotel - this means that your hotel is okay with the fact that you are going to bring somebody else up your room and they are not going to charge you any extra fees for doing so.

As you may have noticed this website is a great utility to find the perfect hotel for you in Pattaya. Just click here and you will find a big list of hotels that are confirmed to be guest friendly. Rest assured they will not ask you for any extra money if you bring somebody up your room.

Prepare your phone

You are most likely going to meet one or several thai girls which would like to stay in contact with you. You are not going to get very far with a phone number texting and calling is not really a thing between thai girls and farangs, not to mention the language barrier.

Head to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and install the application called “LINE”.  This is the main social communication app used in Thailand and is very often used in other regions of Asia as well.  you can easily sign up using your phone number and you will be ready within a few minutes. Make yourself familiar with the app; look at how you can add someone.  

If you are farang,  you have most likely used WhatsApp before - LINE  is pretty much the same thing. You are not going to find many Thai girls which are using WhatsApp or other communication apps we use in Europe and America.

Don't exchange currency outside of Thailand

Many people make this mistake: they go to their local bank at home and already exchange some local currency to Thai baht. This is a huge mistake - your bank is going to charge you huge fees and will provide you with you a really bad exchange rate. 

You have plenty of options to exchange your currency as soon as you land in Thailand. In Pattaya you can find currency exchange boots every few hundred meters.  Make sure you always carry your passport with you if you plan to exchange money or you will be refused service. 

Published on 04.11.2018 at 09:28 by Sam Peters