What's the best disco in Walking Street?

What is the best club in Walking Street, Pattaya?

Are you planning your next trip to Pattaya? Sure enough you know you find nightclub after nightclub in Pattaya's Walking Street. But what are the differences between the clubs?

Now, obviously, I am writing from my own experience. Everybody has a different taste of music but I do my best do have a neutral opinion when writing about each of these clubs.

The discos, clubs or bars mentioned below are sorted by distance from the Walking Street entrance at the Pattaya Beach. I am not including Beer bars or Agogo bars in this post but only typical clubbing places.

The Stones House

Located immediately to the left side when entering into Walking Street, you find The Stones House Pub with quite an interesting concept. Happy hour is available in the early evening, whereas it slowly fills up after 9PM. 

There is a live music band performing every night, both Thai and Western songs. Most of the nights there is also a DJ. The pub alternates between the live band  and the DJ's music every other hour.

The Stones House serves drinks and hot snacks. The staff is always extremely welcoming and will take good care of you. 

Prices for drinks are average in relation to the other Walking Street club and bars.


You will spot the big blue sign with a palm on the logo stating "MIAMI" on the left side of Walking Street. There is always loud music and Miami often has rather good promotions and pricing when buying bottles.

The club is rather empty until midnight.

I have never been a fan of Miami simply because the music is too loud, communicating with each other felt pretty much impossible to me!

Muzzik Cafe / Lucifer

Located right next to each other, Muzzik Cafe is the small brother of Lucifer. There is always a live band playing music. The area is rather small and drink pricing slightly more expensive than other pubs. It gets full quickly and security will probably turn you down if there are too many people inside. 

The Pier

A disappointing light show was my first impression when inside this disco; there were huge LED screens but many of them had many non-working areas (plain black) which looked very unwelcoming.

Loud pop music is playing throughout the club and from 10pm onwards there are dancers on stage, usually wearing fancy clothing and led lights. Make sure you don't settle down too close to the stage, they are not shy to come to you every other break and ask for a 250Baht or more drink. 

You can also smoke shisha at The Pier. After midnight The Pier starts filling and may get crowded very quickly. 

Marine Disco

Greeted by the escalators to go upstairs, Marine Disco usually opens up at 10pm, often at 11pm as these are very quiet hours. It gets busy around 1am or later.

Rather big and a great place to play pool at, at the back site of the disco you find about 10 pool tables where you always find people playing, even though the rest of the disco is not visited by anyone yet. The price of 30 baht per game is good considering the pool tables look new and are in high quality.

Drinks are slightly more expensive than average in Walking Street. 

When you're done partying..

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Published on 08.11.2018 at 18:11 by Sam Peters